Star Trek Online

Developer: CBS Studios Inc

Category: RPG

Tags: downloadable games, role-playing games, space, online, MMO, RPG, MMORPG, Star Trek, the, Star Trek Online, war


Choose between being a captain of the Federation or a Klingon Warlord and be a part of the incredible saga of Star Trek with this RPG, where you can find the classic scenes of the series

Star Trek Online is a game to download based on the popular Star Trek series. In this RPG you are in the year 2409, in a period of time even more advanced than the latest movies, so you'll have a brand new story without losing all the essence of the world of Star Trek.

Before starting to write a new chapter in the story of Star Trek, you must make an important decision and decide if you want to join the powerful and noble Federation, or you will defend the ideals of the valiant Klingons. Having made this decision, you're ready to embark on this amazing adventure filled with intense challenges and battles throughout the galaxy.

Unlike other online games, Star Trek Online offers enormous freedom to players, offering amazing options to customize and design as you like the most, in addition to complex gameplay that will test your skills.

Enjoy incredible battles, either on earth or in space, and discover how many planets are in Star Trek Online, where you can find all kinds of valuable resources.

Design your own ship with lots of options for editing, as well as weapons, with which you can create a powerful machine that destroys everything in its path. You can also show your creativity and create your own species, leaving your own mark in the world of Star Trek.

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