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Category: RPG

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Take a trip to the mythical world of Teos, a wonderful place full of surprises. Be a part of the great battle between the Alliance of Light and Union of Fury.

Long ago the great goddess Etain ruled in the world of Teos. She created three powerful species that were living across the planet. One day one of these races decided to kill its creator, which caused anger around the world. After that nothing was ever the same, even years later, prompting the races were divided into small factions fighting each other. This situation led to the emergence of two powerful alliances to fight for control of the world of Teos: The Alliance of Light and Union of Fury.Once you enter the world of Shaiya, first you have to decide which group you will join, either fight for good and join the Alliance of Light, or accompany the dark forces of the Union of Fury. Having this done, you have to create the character with which you explore the vast world of Teos, and fight against all kinds of beings and creatures. Discover many hidden items on the map in this game to download and the great number of challenges that can increase your character's skills and level of experiance.The RPG game, Shaiya, has an incredible fighting system, based on combat strategies. Besides fighting on your own and facing all kinds of enemies, this online game also offers the possibility of partnerships with different players around the world and competes in intense massive battles where you can gain experience points.Decide to which side you will belong in this story and defend the honor of your faction by fighting with all kinds of enemies in the fiercest battles.

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