Runes of Magic

Developer: Gameforge Berlin AG

Category: RPG

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Travel through the vast world of Taborea and discover areas not yet explored, where there you will find incre

Runes of Magic is an online game that features a complex but fascinating backstory. With the advent of new chapters, you should go fitting the pieces that give different shape to everything that is happening in the incredible world of Taborea.

Being a game client, you will need to download and install a client of the game to start playing. Once done, you can start enjoying its incredible graphics and play alongside different users around the world.

Early in the game you should create your own character, which will face with this great adventure s. As you progress through the game, you can develop his skills so he becomes more and more powerful.

Once you have your character ready, you must choose one of the 10 different classes that exist in the game, which will determine the line that your warrior will continue throughout the game. Some of the classes that can be found in s Runes of Magic are Wardens, Druids, Knights, Rogue, Mages and Priests among others. Each of these classes counts with different skills that will make them different, but not better. Choose the style you like more or make a combination between two different classes for your character.

In the world of Taborea danger lurks in every corner, so you must always be prepared to unsheathe your weapon. The more battles you win, the more chances you have to increase your level, as well as upgrade your weapons.

If you are tired of fighting, you may find interesting other kind of activities that allow you to forget some of the battles, as well as learn new skills. This way, you can learn different techniques to become a manufacturer of weapons or armor, an alchemist, a cooker or a miner, among many other options.

Discover all you can do in this incredible game full of amazing scenarios!

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