Pockie Pirates

Developer: NGames

Category: RPG

Tags: pirate, piracy, seas, loot, pirate hideout, island, mmorpg, Pockie Pirates, the


Ever wanted to be a bloody pirate? Loot ships, charm pretty ladies and be one of the most feared persons on all seas? Well, in these days it will not be easy but you can try it in this MMORPG game. Set sails!

Pockie Pirates belongs to the still growing group of MMORPG games but the theme of this game is this time a little bit different than usual. You are not the usual magician or knight or archer or any other fantasy class. You are pirate. You got your ship, your crew, you got to fight, loot and so on...

But even here are classes – Doctor that heals others, Navigator with some magical skills, Great Swordsman (guess what this one can do) or Sniper that knows how to use firearms. As band of pirates you can complete different quests, sail the sea, battle other ships and captains but you can also own land, there is not problem to have own pirate hideout on your own island. Or are you already tired from pirating and need a little bit of rest? Then why not to go fishing! Or would you rather seek an underwater treasure? Mini-games are really strong part of this title.

Your crew is everything in this game. You put them new gears, you divide skill points, you just do everything to have your group of master pirates. A little bit uncommon may be the system of getting items. You pick up “shards” and when you got enough/all shards, the item will materialize itself.

Graphics holds the anime/manga style so popular by MMORPG games these days. The minus is that there are not such rich look customization options in this game. On the other hand you will probably really like these effects in battles and combats. Sounds are rather average but also not somehow disturbing.

Also, are you the type to become menace of seas? Then come and give a try to this free-to-play web based game. It may be fun to have own “wanted poster”.

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