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Category: RPG

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Are you ready to become a feared pirate and live incredible adventures? Take charge of your own ship and discover all the secrets that exist in this fantastic world full of funny characters.

After years and years of navigating through the vast sea, the pirates were looking for new territory, reaching as high as the sky. Now, on the board of their powerful ships, the tireless buccaneers will fight intense battles in search of treasures. Of course, as in the old days when the ships were on the sea, the danger was constantly big, so if you want to survive in this magical adventure, you should make sure to equip your ship with the best armament possible.

With an amazing comic style design, Pirate 101 has a lot of amazing scenes, whether in the higher areas or in the land. Impressive volcanoes, beautiful palaces or big cities full of life and surprises are just some of the things that await you on your journey along this game online.

Among the most characteristic personalities you might get know, is Mr. Grandy, a cute monkey dressed in a stunning Napoleon-style costume, which will be in charge of your own boat, or Mordekai, the last survivor of the breed of hammer fish, which for a long time were dominating in these places, and is now one of the world's most skilled swordsmen.

There are five areas in this game to download, Pirate 101: Skull Island, Monquista, Mooshu, Valencia and Cool Ranch. Each of these different areas has a totally unique and also different characters, adventures, and of course, dangers.

Despite the vast differences between each of these cities there is something they all have in common is that each of these groups will be willing to do anything to get as many treasures as possible.

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