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Are you a natural PvP combatant? An “assassin” that hunts other players in MMO RPG games wherever he enters? Then welcome, Panzar is the right game just for you, you will not be bored.

Panzar is a MMORPG focused on PVP fights. Don’t ask for story, dungeons, cities or PvE monsters. There are not any. But what you get is a decent number of locations and a lot of skills to make your foes tremble.

There are 4 races - Orcs, Humans, Elves and Dwarves - with 2 classes for each race, putting together 8 different styles how to play.

Orcs are focused on brutal force and are terrible foes in melee combat. Their fighters are either Tanks or Berserkers. Tanks are heavy combatants armed with sword and shield. Their skills are for example magical shield, invulnerability or hook (remember Scorpion from Mortal Kombat?) Berserkers are fast and skilled fighters wielding BIG weapons. Thanks to their heavy blows they can hit whole groups at once.

Humans are specialists on use of divine magic in combat. Paladins can refill all attributes of allies and these most skilled ones can even resurrect their fellow fighters. On the other hand Inquisitors bring fear to hearts of enemies with their curses. Fire, plague and righteous rage are their tools for fighting heretics and they do not hesitate to back-stab weakened enemy.

Elves – eldest race was always fond of magic. Their witch covens – Sisters of Fire and Ice Witches may not love each other but both possess powerful magic. Skilled witch can annihilate enemies before they even know where the spell came from.

Dwarves – the small race from underground kingdoms. Their god Kromm gave them talent for building mechanical miracles and they use this gift in the battle fully. Rifles, mines and traps are tools of Sapper. Gunner is then master of his own fighting vehicle – the Cannon.

Games style is close to Diablo, your avatar has three indicators – health, mana and stamina. Many players compare it also to WoW Battlegrounds. Graphics looks just great, you will enjoy well designed environments full of hard looking “bullies” and sexy witches.

To close it in a short way – if you are into PvP, give this game a try!

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