Metin 2

Developer: Gameforge 4D GmbH

Category: RPG

Tags: downloadable games, role-playing games, fantasy, world, Metin2, h, the


Danger lurks in every corner of this fantastic world. Animals living here are now ferocious beasts and the dead have returned in search of blood.

For long year the kingdoms of Shinsoo, Chunjo and Jinno were safe under the protection of the powerful Dragon God, but from the impact of the Metin Stones over the world, things changed completely. As a result, the land started to suffer terrible changes that sumerge it in the darkness and destruction. With the only plan to return peace to the people, a group of brave warriors known as the Allies of the Dragon God decided to tackle this major threat with the help of powerful weapons.

Choose the realm you want to start your adventure with, as well as how you will have your character. Walk around detailed, colorful villages filled with the tipical Oriental constructions.

There are four different kinds of heroes in Metin 2: Ninjas, Warriors, Shamans and Suras. Each of these has different abilities and magical powers or great use of weapons such as swords, arrows or fans, among others.

Become part of the huge number of players around the world who are playing this online game, and join different clans, or create your own team and battle alongside other warriors. You may also fight melee battles with players from other parts of the game, and prove you're the best of the continent.

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