Last Chaos

Developer: Barunson games corporation

Category: RPG

Tags: downloadable games, RPG, fantasy, world, MMO, MMORPG, multiplayer, Last Chaos,, the


Iris's world is not what it used to be. Now is plunged into darkness and someone needs to save it. Enter this 3D adventure and struggle to return peace to the inhabitants of this fantastic world.

Last Chaos is a free client game in which you must take on the role of a heroe and save the Iris planet. Chaos and darkness is the only thing that can be seen in Iris, so your mission will be to create and guide the warrior who can defy the forces of evil. You can choose between 6 different kinds of characters, among which are mages, warriors and many others. Each class will have certain skills that make them different from the rest, which will be reflected when playing, as some may resist no more the attacks of the enemy, while others achieved greater damage in these.

Solve the available quests of this fantastic world and obtain big rewards for it. Show off your skills by creating different types of products to sell after. Increase your skills to improve your creations or simply buy what you are looking for.

Fight against unique creatures and malignant lurking Iris lands or shelter in security zones as you increase your powers. You can make use of the aid some creatures and animals offers and even form groups of adventurers and fight the forces of evil alongside many other users, who like you, are looking foward to bring peace back to this planet.

War has broken out in the world of Iris, and you are the only one who can restore the peace to this world.

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