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Category: RPG

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Immerse yourself in an ancient world full of surprises, which you can explore individually or in the company of animals that are willing to follow you, and take on the most incredible adventure.

In the magical world of Koyotl you can find all kinds of adventures and mystical creatures, like golems, spirits of the forest and many other magical beings.

Go across the amazing map of this online game, and travel through all sorts of places, as dark and dangerous caves, or large forests full of surprises.Along your way fields of Koyotl will find all kinds of species with different intentions, and you must take care of those who try to get you away from your goal, as the magma golems and spirits who are usually in very bad mood.

You must take care of these creatures, as in every corner of this 3D world there are all sorts of danger only waiting for the right moment to attack.

Discover the huge amount of adventures waiting for you in this sensational browser game, which will offer you incredible challenges. Once in the role of your hero, you have to discover the mysterious paths to the spirit world and contact the mythical ghosts of the past. At the same time you can fight with various creatures, such as bears warriors, or simply walk around the map of Koyotl.

Of course, you will not have to travel all the time alone, and for that we have different animals all over the map, which are willing to accompany you along your adventure and combat any challenge with you.

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