Kiez King

Developer: worldwidegames GmbH

Category: RPG

Tags: browser games, role-playing games, online games, world, MMO, RPG, MMORPG, multiplayer, Kiez King, the, empire, x


Become the king of the streets, and make these your empire. Scale positions in the world of crime and enjoy a life of luxury and beautiful women.

Raising your empire in the world of Kiez King will not be easy, and if you want to be recognized will have to start from the bottom. Once you've chosen your character you will have to find a way to get money, and for this it is the best to create a good business that will give you some profits.

Build a small restaurant of sausages, or a porn cinema, as the beginning on your way to fame and fortune. Of course if you want to be a gangster you should look like one, and for that you have to buy the right outfit and a decent vehicle.After some time you will discover how things work in this city and you will meet the right people to get into the major leagues, where there will be new ways to make money.

Recruit the necessary man and perform all kinds of criminal activities such as smuggling drugs and cigarettes, or attack different establishments. In Kiez King you will not be the only one looking for fame and fortune. On the map you can meet players from around the world that have the same goal as you. Form your own gang among others and defend your neighborhood with all your heart.

Once you will start getting more money, you can expand your territories and buy new areas to expand your power.Being a recognized criminal will result in a greater amount of work and responsibilities, but as well money and fame. In this online game there are many ways to waste your money, as buying new cars or clothes from top designers.

Even with all these things, you can’t be a true gangster without a woman by your side. And of course in Kiez King you will find the most attractive women to share with your achievements and wealth.

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