Grand Fantasia

Developer: Aeria Games & Entertainment, Inc.

Category: RPG

Tags: downloadable games, role-playing games, fantasy, world, world of, Grand Fantasia, h, the


In the world of Saphael there is a small island called Siwa that hides great mysteries to be unfolded. Your mission is to solve these mysteries and to travel around this fantastic world.

Grand Fantasia is an inspiring browser role-playing based game. In this wonderful world you'll find an enormous variety of adventures and characters; many will be willing to help you in your journey, but you'll also find wicked creatures that will try to stop you. Setting up your character is fun in itself; you'll find a great variety of objects to design the look of your character, so that it looks exactly as you like. There are 8 races in Grand Fantasia, and you must choose one for your character to belong to. Each one of these races has different skills and powers that can be improved as the game unfolds.

Apart form incredible adventures, in Grand Fantasia there are tons of interesting places to visit and learn new skills; alchemy laboratories, shops to buy weapons in, armours, books, mounts... As for mounts, there are many means of transport to take you around the world of Grand Fantasia, whether by air or on land.

Grand Fantasia has hundreds of players throughout the world that are trying to solve the riddles of this downloadable game just like you. Making friends will open a new world of possibilities in this adventure, like fighting with your friends and uniting forces to beat the enemies.

Discover a world full of turns where you'll live great adventures and meet all kinds of creatures while interacting with players from all over the planet.

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