Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms

Developer: Home Box Office, Inc

Category: RPG

Tags: browser games, role-playing games, 3D games, online, h, \', the, king, war


Beware, Game of Thrones fans! You'll soon have the chance of taking part of this incredible online adventure based on the popular tv series.

Based on Game of Thrones, the famous tv series that counts with millions of followers all over the world, Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms is a role-playing game that will introduce you in this wondrous world where you can not only form part of the series but write your own story as well.

There are many other games based on Game of Thrones series but only Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms has been able to capture the essence of the series and bring it right from the tv to your computer. An enormous quantity of adventures are waiting for you in a fantasy map in which you'll have to solve mysteries and achieve missions while gaining great rewards.

There are countless dangers lying in wait in the world of Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms and you'll have to defeat all kinds of enemies that will stand in your way with all their will. Defeat your adversaries and unblock new and powerful skills that, combined with different weapons and armours, will make you stronger at the battlefield.

In Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms you'll find yourself in the middle of a subtle war in which you'll have to make your way through the dangers that will come along your path. Wake up the hero in you and fight every enemy on your path to glory.

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