Eden Eternal

Developer: Aeria Games & Entertainment, Inc.

Category: RPG

Tags: downloadable games, role-playing games, fantasy, world, Eden Eternal, h, the, dr


Travel to a fantasy world full of incredible adventures and build your own town and group of allies. The road to solving the mysteries of the Soulstone is long and hundreds of creatures are waiting for you.

Eden Eternal is a role game in which you'll discover yourself in the middle of a great war between the different races that inhabit the world. The future of the Central Continent is uncertain; all the races have their own ideas and no one is ready to cooperate in their lonely fight for power. After many years of conflict, the time has come for cooperation to win, and this is where you come in. During your journey across the magical world of Eden Eternal you'll encounter all kinds of creatures, and many of them will try to ruin your plans, so you'll have to test your combat skills against these savage monsters.

Before you start your journey in the extensive map of this downloadable game, you'll have to design your champion with the enormous amount of available options that will help you customize your character to your liking. Choose amongst one of the different classes in Eden Eternal and play as a brave warrior, an audacious illusionist, or a powerful magician, amongst many other options. But don't worry; you can always discover new classes and change from one to another and change the course of your gameplay experience. You will also be able to customize the clothes your character wears; try the great variety of existing options and colours till you find the combination that fits you best.

Join the community of Eden Eternal players from all over the world and team up in powerful guilds with which you can create your own town. Once you have your own town, you'll have to constantly work on improving it so that it grows, attracting artisans and traders to it, which will report you great benefits.

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