Might and Magic: Duel of Champions

Developer: Ubisoft

Category: RPG

Tags: cards, strategy, decks, landscapes, battles, Heaven, Hell, Necropolis, Fortress, faction, resources, enemies, defense, attack, heroes, Duel of Champions, Might and Magic, Magic the Gathering, Yugioh, Might and


Discover the universe of Might and Magic: Duel of Champions, an incredible online game that merges role games and strategy games features. Enjoy great adventure full of challenges and fantastic creatures.

In the world of Duel of Champions you will find lots of spectacular landscapes, where villains and heroes fight in breathtaking battles. Game has a map full of different places and environments and has also incredible and detailed graphics you will enjoy for sure.

In this game you will find four factions, one for each kind of player: Heaven, Hell, Necropolis and Fortress. Heaven faction is related to a defensive way of playing. They will get more defensive features, healing and resources obtaining. For those who think that the best defense is a good offense will fit the Hell faction, because this one will improve their attack power. Necropolis is for those players that prefer to play with enemies’ weakness, by using spells and poison. Fortress faction is the indicated for most aggressive players, who can sacrifice their own creatures if these become a liability.

Duel of Champions offers more than 250 detailed and beautiful illustrated cards. Besides, it has an innovative playability, in which strategy is very important for creating and managing of your decks. You will fight against other players and get rewards to become one of the most feared members of players’ community.

If magic and card games are your matter of heart, do not hesitate and register in Duel of Champions. Choose a hero, a faction and show your strategic abilities.

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