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A new menace has irrupted the world of Dragotaka, and wild monsters are trying to conquer the planet. Humans are already preparing the counter-attack, knowing the destiny of the race is at risk.

More than a thousand years ago, an evil dragon called Elga took over the control of Dragotaka world. Time after that, the dragon, intoxicated with power, decided to misuse the five elements that humans counted with to cover earth with total darkness. With the world full of shadows, people lost any hope of light and started to follow Elga's evil orders out of fear rather than conviction. But one day, the historical group of five warriors, along with the dragon Drekard, decided to stand against the dragon and capture the powerful Elga, bringing peace back to Dragokata. Now the danger is back with another face and a different name, because the witch Paris is conquering lands with her army of fierce monsters, and humans have to avoid history repeating.

Chose one of the 4 available classes of warriors you can find in Dragonica and start your path to greatness. Become a powerful magician, a brave warrior, a daring archer or an elusive thief. Each class has it's own skills, so some heroes will be faster than others, some will have better defensive skills, some better attack skills. Once you've chosen the class for your character you can start this adventure but after choosing a name, a gender and the appearance of your hero by selecting the kind of face and hair it will have.

Dragonica has two game modes; the single player one and the multi-player one, in which you'll get the chance to fight in groups of more than 10 players or in a team mode where each team will have up to 10 players that have to fight to get the highest amount of points in order to defeat the other team.

Apart from all these features, this browser game gives to the chance of building your own hose and customizing it to your liking.

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