Developer: Ankama

Category: RPG

Tags: games, MMO, MMORPG, role-playing games, DOFUS, WAKFU, Krosmoz, Amanka, strategy, original, fun, humour, humour, tactics, dungeons, battles, graphics, manga, universe, the


A role-playing game full of humour and with a very peculiar universe. All that and more is DUFUS, the MMORPG to initiate yourself in Krosmoz and discover all the possibilities it can offer you.

Recover the DOFUS, valuable dragon eggs with unmeasurable powers that had disappeared, leaving Amanka in reign of chaos. That is how DOFUS begins, an original and fun MMOPRG game with millions of followers around the world.

DOFUS is a genuine adventure in which you can practice your best strategy skills. You will have to prove your tactics skills in unpredictable combats, as a part of a game with lots of customization possibilities, huge regions to explore, commerce system, Guilds… Everything in DOFUS is big.

Although this game is 10 years old, DOFUS is updated and renewed frequently, with new regions, dungeons and graphics, becoming more and more interesting as years go by.

The combat system is stands out because of its originality in comparison to other games of this genre: battles have some random variables, so it is impossible to predict the result of fights, making the game more exciting and interesting. Besides battling, you can work to obtain resources, but you can also steal them from other players or sell items you don’t use anymore.

The graphics are a mix of manga and videogames. They are not 3D, but they don’t make the game to look like it is old-fashioned, it has more of an old-school charm.

Join this role-playing game classic and jump into its wonderful universe.

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