Cabal Online

Developer: ESTsoft Corp.

Category: RPG

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Get ready for this fantastic adventure across the enigmatic world of Nevareth, a place where all kinds of evil creatures live. Learn legendary combat techniques and save the world from evil.

A thousand years ago, and evil force, known as Cabal, invaded the peaceful world of Nevareth, causing chaos and destruction all over the planet. Conscious of people's confusion, a group of seven warriors, all martial arts experts, decided to fight this menace to bring order back to this devastated world. But rumours have it that Cabal is tracing an evil plan that will set the world in danger again, and this time it will be even worse. Now Nevareth's destiny is in your hands and only you can stop Cabal from destroying it.

Cabal Online in an incredible role playing game in which you'll live wonderful adventures. Before you start your journey across Nevareth, you must configure your own warrior by choosing amongst six different available classes. Each one of these classes has different skills and combat techniques, whether based on swords, bows or magical powers. Of course these skills can increase; the more battles you win, the more powerful your warrior will be.

As you explore the maps of this browser game, you'll realize that there's no safe place, and that you can find enemies ready to kill you around every corner; luckily, there are special powers that, combined with your combat skills, will help you fight whatever menace you can find. In this downloadable game you can also challenge other players while putting your abilities to the test in breathtaking combats; or join a guild and fight massive battles with your guild mates.

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