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Category: RPG

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The werewolves and vampires have occupied the world and amid the dark of the night, the streets have become dangerous battlefields where the two predators hunt humans.

With the battle between werewolves and vampires at peak, the world has turned into a disturbing place where there's no place for light and peace. But brave and non-conforming humans are up in arms and have decided to go into the dark streets to destroy the evil creatures that live in them. Now, the three species will have to fight for survival, turning every corner of the planet into a battlefield where everyone fights one another.

Bloodmoon is a free browser game where you'll not only have to fight and hunt vampires and werewolves but you'll also have the chance to become one of them as well. Along Bloodmoon's world you'll meet different characters that will help you in your fight and will offer you different items as weapons and potions that will help you in battle.

Unlike other games from the same developer, like Shakes, Fidget or Soccerstar, where the characters are funny and colourful, in Bloodmoon the characters are realistic and designed in great detail, which helps to give the game a deeper and more serious turn.

Prepare your weaponry and embrace the cold dark streets to slay your enemies and safe guard your species. If you like role-playing games please check our browser games section!

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