Allods Online

Developer: Gala Networks Europe Ltd.

Category: RPG

Tags: downloadable games, role-playing games, fantasy, online, Allods Online, league, h, ', the, empire


Dive into the fantasy universe of Sarnaut. Choose the side you want to fight in, whether the Empire's or the League's and be ready for countless adventures and epic battles.

Allods Online is a free role-playing game that unfolds an amazing deep story that tells us the struggle for survival of the different species of the planet. In this game you'll find 6 different species, which split into 28 different available classes. From here, you'll have to create your own character and customize it before you enter this great adventure.

A long time ago, a catastrophe hit the universe, dividing planet Sarnaut into small pieces known as Allods, which are now floating in space. With a bit of skill you'll collect and put together again the pieces of this puzzle and discover, once and for all, what happened in the universe long ago.

There are more than 1.500 missions to undertake in Allods Online, so you can be sure that hundreds of hours of fun are granted. Along the game you'll have to combat different monsters and evil creatures that live in the different Allods, so you must always be ready for battle.

But the adventure doesn't only take place on one land, you can also build your own space ship and explore new planets, invade other player's lands and steal objects from them, as well as enjoying intense missions. But beware if you get too far, because there will always be someone waiting to steal your gains from you!

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