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The world of Atreia is a fantasy site full of places that look like something out of a dream, and it's inhabited by the most strange creatures you can imagine. Learn to fly with your new wings and enjoy this adventurous trip.

The fantasy world of Atreia comes alive in Aion, one of the most famouse free online games at the moment. In Atreia you will be able to fly with the help of your wings. Enjoy the amazing landscapes of Aion!

There are three species that come to life in Atreia: Elyos, Asmodians and Balaur. The former are beings full of light and abundant beauty, and can be found in the area of Elysea. The Asmodians used to be united with the Elyos before the great cataclysm, but this event separated them, marginating the Asmodians in the dark areas of northern Atreia. For its part, the Balaur are highly intelligent and powerful creatures obsessed with power. Their only goal is to take control over Atreia. They live in constant struggle with the other two factions and the kingdom of Balaurea is the place where they live.

In addition of the different races that inhabit the world of Atreia, there are different classes of soldiers as murderers, Templars, and beings with magical powers among others. Each of these warriors have different skills to the rest, so a murderer may cause more harm to the enemy, while a cleric can heal his companions' injuries , and even bring them back to life with the help of his magical powers.

Aion has excellent graphics, so you can enjoy an amazing world with incredible details. To explore its large map and solve different challenges you will need to use your wings. Despite that, you can travel on foot and observe more closely each element present in the game.

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