Need for Speed World

Developer: EA

Category: Racing

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Prove your driving skills and compete against opponents from all around the world to become the king of driving. Drive a huge range of vehicles, while climbing positions in your way to success.

Need for Speed World belong to one of the most popular video game series, Need for Speed, where you will be able to take control of your own car, moving slowly forward in the world of street racing. The first thing you have to do in Need for Speed World, is creating a character by choosing a name and a avatar, which will represent you throughout the game. After that, you will be given an amount of money to get your first car and start competing.

The more races you win, the more money you earn to make improvements to your car. On of the funniest parts of Need for Speed ??World, is the customization of your car. You will find thousands of options for customize your vehicle -you can choose from a large number of colors, as well as attachments to make your car look really unique. As you gain experience, new rewards and new and better cars will be unlocked, as well as different challenges that will add hours of fun to the game.

Walk the streets of the big map available in Need for Speed ??World looking for new competitors. Connect with friends or dare to challenge other players worldwide to test your skills. In Need for Speed World you may have more than a driver, and thanks to earned points you will be able to increase their skills in different ways. Also, you can swap between drivers to be always ready, choosing whoever suits better every kind of race.

With a huge map, lots of challenges and a long list of cars -which is constantly getting bigger!- Need for Speed World guarantees hours and hours of joy.


Need for Speed ​​World: Starting to play

Hello, you're starting to play Need for Speed ​​World, maybe these tips will come in handy:

Play chase mode (pursuits) regularly: This is very important because practice makes perfect. The most important thing in this game is to reach the highest level as soon as possible not only for the benefits, but also the other players will have more respect.

Ten opponents who'll clear: in this game there are three types of opponents
The "clean corridors" which will focus on their own game and do my best.
The "rammers", stay away from them as they will try by all means empotrarte against a wall and crushed leaving you out of the race.
The "abandonadores" not ever want to play with them, because in each race that will leave the last game, even when last start in the initial positioning, plus some before you leave try to ruin the game.

Choose your car carefully: Just look at the statistics of each car is not enough, is much more complex than this. In this game the most important thing is driving, or as the car responds to your movements, this will give you an advantage but is not all, also the maximum speed and acceleration are factors to consider, in my experience the best cars by Tier are: Nissan Silvia Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 Lotus Elise BMW M3

Acquire the necessary skills: The skills you choose initially are everything in Need for Speed ​​World, as you will only be able to improve a skill for each level gained.

The skills I recommend are:
Comeback: Increases acceleration if you're in third place or worse.
Juggernaut: Increase the speed of Tanqueta timeout.
Riot: Increases the duration of Tanqueta.
Barrage: Increases the speed timeout Airless Tire.
Safe Zone: Reduces the time needed to escape persecution.

Know the track: When you play this game you must know something, never give up a career, even if you go past, there is always the possibility that someone is wrong and off the track and even get past always earn reputation. It is also highly recommended to play on all tracks sometimes in single player to memorize key details such as what are the most difficult curves or where there is a shortcut.

I hope these tips help you in your quest to be the best driver!

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