Grand Prix Racing Online

Developer: Grand Prix Racing Online

Category: Racing

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Become the CEO of your own race car team, build the best cars. and choose a pilot to represent your team for the various competitions.

Grand Prix Racing Online is a racing game in which you can lead and manage your own race team. This online game contains all the features of the titles of sports administration, so the action lies in all that surrounds the incredible world of engines and speed. Starting with just a pretty simple car, the beginning won't be easy. You will have to start from the scratch, proving your driving skills for each of the tracks in the game.

Of course you will need a driver capable of driving your car throughout the season, and that's why Grand Prix Racing Online driver's market exists. You will find lot of pilots to choose from, and you surely find the one you want for your team. If you prefer, you can train a rookie and make him The Next Michael Schumacher as well.

Grand Prix Racing Online has more than a hundred different cars, each with its own design and characteristics. For those who want to express their creativity, you can translate your own art and create your own car appearance.

Grand Prix Racing Online season is comprised of 17 races, will be held twice a week. These careers operate fully real time, and while enjoying the race you will be able to communicate with hundreds of thousands of players around the world trough the game's chat. These characteristics will make races become a very exciting experience, because you can always watch them in live, while making the appropriate adjustments.

In Grand Prix Racing Online you can also create groups with your friends or with any other player -definitely an incredible option for those who like to interact with others.

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