Fast and Furious

Developer: Stillfront AB

Category: Racing

Tags: browser games, racing games, present, world, Fast and Furious, the


Take a car and get into the world of street racing. Play alongside actual characters of the movie and have a big time as you go on the road to power.

Explore the mysterious world of street racing in Fast and Furious, the online game based on the movie of the same name. Fast and Furious will offer you a lot of emotions while driving your car at full speed through the different streets of the city. Solve the various challenges you might encounter along the available map, travel the world and face other players, who will try to stop you in your way to success.

As in Need for Speed, you must select a car and start running with it. As you win races, power and respect will come by themselves. Take on the role of film's real characters and perform the various challenges in the game, from the perspective of Toretto or Detective Brian O'Connor among others.

As it should be, design options to modify the appearance of your car in Fast and Furious are almost endless. From the workshop party may buy a large number of parts available to increase speed and power for your car. Acquire the best hardware for your car and make it a machine that imposes respect to your opponents!

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