Drift City

Developer: INPLUTO CO., LTD

Category: Racing

Tags: downloadable games, racing games, comic, Drift City, the


Get on your car and travell at full speed through the streets of this amazing island. Design the car following your own style and face all types of opponents in amazing races.

This downloadable game will take you to a small island where street have become real racetracks where hundreds of competitors run aboard their powerful cars. At the very beginning of the game you will obtain your own car, which you can adjust as you think it fits. You will have various options to modify the appearance and performance of your car. You can also obtain incredibles objects that will improve the performance of your car and give you more speed when racing.

In Drift City you won't have to worry about respecting the rules when driving. In fact in this racing game you will be highly rewarded if you break them. Drive your car on the wrong lane, skid, jump off ramps or not respect the required distance to the car in front are some of the situations that will give you bonus points with which you can buy new gorgeous parts and accessories for your car.

Join your friends and participate in racing groups where you and your fellows must use your skills behind the wheel. Win great prizes and become famous! Drift City has also other fun game modes such as racing one to one or test trials, where you must perform various missions before time runs out.

Meet people from all around the world and exchange experiences with them through various options that this game offers, such as private messages or chat.

Take the wheel of your car, step on the accelerator and travell at full speed in search of the finish line!

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