Developer: Koramgame

Category: Beta

Tags: MMOORPG fantasy, Beta, MMORPG, fantasy, browser games, world, world of, Everlight


This is his new game free to play browser based on a world of fantasy.

In this world we will investigate myths, exploring lost civilizations and discover the truth of the many legends that form. Have at our disposal four classes to choose from Warrior, Mage, and Ranger Prophet

Warrior: These great warriors were born for battle, its strength lies in the large amount of physical damage that they can do together with a perfect defense gives them great advantages when fighting in melee. The warriors are brave and are more than willing to meet his teammates taking the most damage in battle. Its main duty is to protect the group.

Mage: Masters of the elements, the mage has a powerful magical ability and is able to mold the elements according to their convenience. The mage is a DPS (character dedicated to hurt) par excellence. Although its defense capability is really poor, its free attack range mage makes a great long distance murderer also has an ability to AoE (area damage) pretty good.

Prophet: Guardians of intelligence. His ability to help group members is rare and unusual. His weapon of choice is the staff or magic sphere. They look nice, but his powerful magic makes your enemies tremble. His prudence and leadership makes them great commanders.

Ranger: Rangers are fast and light. They can kill their targets in a simple blink, his ability to defend itself is poor, and very poor in melee. But his agility makes up for this weakness. The Rangers have a great skill to dodge attacks, carry a Ranger in the group is the clear choice for fast kill groups of enemies.

Seek counsel from the Maya, decipher the mystery of Atlantis, and make way through the lost city of Atlantis to discover the truth behind his lineage. A trip titanic wait, are you ready?

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