Developer: Hunted Cow Studios

Category: Beta

Tags: strategy, middle ages, PvP, MMORPG., h, the, king, x, war


Are you ready to explore the realm of Eldevin? The kingdom of Eldevin was always a green and thriving land. For generations it has been ruled by Eldevin family, whose rule was honorable and fair and people of the kingdom rewarded it with unquestionable loyalty. The kingdom was so prosperous, that it has began to grow very fast, and the king was forced to seek new lands and resources.

The expansion led three exploring miners to a mysterious discovery. In mountains near Eldevin they found entrance to an unknown cave that led into network of underground tunnels full of valuable treasures and ancient relics. But these treasures were not abandoned, like miners found soon, there were ancient large dragons sleeping on piles of riches. When one of those miners ventured to approach one of them, the dragon awoke and tragedy was done, only one miner managed to escape miraculously alive to tell the tale.

Eldevin is a novel-like browser game set to a world of MMORPG medieval epic. There is a feature that makes the game unique between other games of this genre. It is the class system where you simply do not choose if you want to be warrior or mage for example but there is over 100 of different abilities, 6 talent trees featuring over 200 talents and 14 different professions to craft your own weapons, armors, items and amenities. All of this gives you ability to create your really personal character.

Eldevin is a free browser game that has prepared for its player a lot of quests, not to mention that your decisions influence the world and you will have to face both pleasant and unpleasant consequences.

The game is designed to give a complete PvE (Player vs Environment) and PvP (Player vs Player) experience. It has a large world to explore, huge cities, dungeons and hidden places that you will discover as you explore the world. Encounters in dungeons are meant to make you use all of your ingenuity to create strategies and tactics to defeat your enemies and their leaders. In Eldevin you may find hundreds of objects, all with different attributes to equip your hero.

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