Dragon Nest

Developer: Eydentity Games & eFusion

Category: Beta

Tags: MMOORPG fantasy, Beta, MMORPG, fantasy, wo, go, Dragon, Dragon Nest, the, i, king, war


Dragon Nest is one of the most anticipated games of the year. Definitely a game worth taking into account as it combines some manga graphics with no target combat system that makes it very lively and fun. The four classes offered by the game: Warrior, Sorceress, and Cleric Arquera have dozens of skills as we go promoting the talent tree you choose.

In this Role-playing game, you can choose a class that will define your play:

As a warrior you will have endless battles fast melee against your enemies. Fast and agile, you rely different attack combos to defeat your enemies.

As a goalkeeper, are ideal for long range combat, eliminating your enemies with your arrows and taking advantage of your speed and agility to attack but not be attacked.

The cleric is a tough fighter and well armed with the ability to heal and restore his allies. His attacks are less lethal than other characters, but their support skills make the Cleric is a good ally to any team.

The Sorceress specializes in mid-range attacks. Although his attack is not as lethal as the Archers, its biggest advantage is its ability to make long-term sick to his enemies.
They can freeze, burn or poison their enemies, damaging them severely or even killing them in a short period of time. Also can be equipped with different accessories that can cause different side effects.

Featured intense battles with hundreds of enemies and PvP combat system-style Street Fighter, the game also has an instanced PvE in groups of up to 4 players and each zone can be done in several different difficulty levels. It also has a very good story that will guide us through the different areas in each of its levels of difficulty and a system to delight our objects.

These are some of the innovations that try to delight all fantasy players, so come and participate in this fantastic world of adventure!

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