World of Warships

Developer: Wargaming

Category: Action

Tags: downloadable games, action, war, world, world of, World of Warships, the


Many mid-20th century battles took part throughout the seas; you now have the chance of reviving these historical battles aboard the most powerful battleships.

Countless battles, in the air, on land and on the sea, took place during the 20th century; World of Warships brings you the most intense sea battles. With this browser game you'll get the chance to sail the oceans, where countless dangers are laying in wait and exciting quests are waiting to be undertaken.

World of Warships has many ships to choose from; each one has it's own advantages; some will be more resistant, others will be faster and others will be more lethal when attacking. Your basic mission will be choosing the best ships to create your own war fleet, By combining properly ships from different categories and the right tactics you'll be able to set up a powerful army that will be hard to defeat.

There are a great amount of maps available in this browser game, each one with their own features and climate conditions; some waters will be calm and silent, others will have raging waves you'll have to learn to master if you don't want to lose control of your vessel or crash against a rock. With the incredible graphics from World of Warships you'll feel like you are in the middle of the battlefield.

Weigh anchor, take the helm and be prepared to undertake the missions that are waiting for you along the seven seas of World of Warships.

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