War Thunder

Developer: Gaijin Entertainment

Category: Action

Tags: games, action, war, aircraft, military, airplane, simulation, arcade, battle, multiplayer, World War, War Thunder, mmo, the, x


Experience most important battles of World War II at War Thunder, the air-warfare action game, which you will enjoy whether you are a fan of flight simulation or prefer a more arcade game style.

The genre of military action is a hype and War Thunder is an example of that. It is an action-strategy game in which you have more than one hundred of aircraft, large enhancement options, weaponry and spectacular graphic section. All those things create a complex experience of a pilot in WWII.

War Thunder is designed primarily for multiplayer, but has missions and dynamic campaigns dedicated also for single player that you can take as tutorials before you start playing against other gamers. Besides, there are 3 modes of difficulty depending on your experience level: Arcade Battles for newbies, Historical Battles, to participate in real battles of World War II at an intermediate level and Battle Royal, to control all the parameters of flight.

In War Thunder you will find different modes of playing: Main mode allows you to gain experience, unlock new skills and get new airplanes. In addition, you will have a co-op campaign mode for 4 player classic missions and an editor to create your custom mission. Moreover, you can opt for a free way to practice with your aircraft or create your own rules.

There is over a hundred playable airplanes from both Allies and Axis, which can be divided into four classes: the Ground Attackers focusing on monitoring land; the Fighters, which are used both as bombing and airstrikes; the Bombers, designed for specific objectives and Torpedo Bombers, for the most difficult targets – aircraft carriers.

In conclusion this is a great multiplayer game with a great graphics, designed for both experienced pilots as for amateurs of the genre, so they can improve and become skilled pilots in the same game.

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