Steel Legions

Developer: Splitscreen Studios GmbH

Category: Action

Tags: browser games, action, 3D, Steel Legions, MMO, multiplayer, space, the


Resources are growing scarce in the planet of Andoria and four armed groups are ready to fight to the death for them.

War in Alternalia world is constant, and aboard powerful ships, the different alliances are fighting for power. Oil, steel and steam are the most wanted elements of the planet, because they are the base to produce ships and weapons in order to protect the territories. In an endless battle, the leaders of each faction have gathered their best forces with the important mission of exploring every corner on earth and collecting the biggest possible amount of resources to supply their people with.

In Steel Legions there are four groups: Phoenix Empire, Pandora Rebels, Golden Territories and Tundran Warriors. Each one of these factions are located on different points of the map. The Phoenix Empire have their headquarters in the frozen mountains on the East, from where they stealthily watch everything that's happening. The Tundran Warriors are fully connected to nature, and they believe to possess the land and everything that's born from it. The Golden Territories enjoyed for a long time the benefits of living in fruitful lands, what led them to a life of waste and at the end, to scarcity, and are now in need of stealing resources from others. The Pandora Rebels live In the arid territories of Pandora.

You choose what side you want to fight with in this online game and enter the war for resource control to dominate the world.

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