Developer: Bigpoint

Category: Action

Tags: browser games, action, pirates games, MMO, multiplayer, Seafight, the


Take control of your ship while sailing the vast ocean. Fight against other sailors and creatures from the deep blue sea and become the most feared pirate of the seven seas.

Navigate the huge map of Seafight and explore the oceans in search of new adventures. Become a pirate willing to conquer the world in this free browser game. Aboard your ship you'll undertake long itineraries where you'll be able to explore different areas of the map and encounter a great variety of creatures that live in the deep sea waiting for the right moment to attack you.

The ocean is a dangerous place full of menaces, so you better have good equipment so you can fight whatever comes your way. Explore the different Seafight menus where you'll find many options to enhance your situation, like buying more powerful weapons, repairing your ship after a battle or even replacing it for a new one. At the tavern you'll be able to recruit sailors ready to sail at your side and fight dangers with you. Increase your experience an gain access to new options that will enhance your ship and crew. Check the extra missions available and gain precious pearls when fulfilling them.

Fight in memorable real time battles with other players you'll find amongst the great amount of users in the Seafight world and gain valuable rewards. Join the game chat and interact with other players. Enjoy the day and night mode while navigating this vast 3D world. Check other player's ranks and discover who rules the world on the global ranking.

Tune up your ship, prepare yourself to weigh anchor and discover all the surprises that await you in the world of Seafight.

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