S4 League

Developer: ProSiebenSat.1 Games GmbH

Category: Action

Tags: downloadable games, action, science fiction , shooter, MMO, multiplayer, S4League, S4 League


Enjoy great adventures in this first-person shooter game that takes place in a first class futuristic and colourfull environment.

S4 League is a free online game that works on a first-person shooter basis. Set in a fantastic futuristic 3D world, its vivid colors and greatly detailed graphics will quickly turn you into a S4 League addict. Enjoy great adventures full of action and compete against other players in different teams and breathtaking ball competitions.

The first thing you'll have to do is set up the character that will accompany you on this adventure, for which you'll find a great amount and variety of options and objects to create the avatar that better suits you. You'll have full control over the clothing and the appearance of your avatar, defining your hair color and your facial features. You'll have to provide your avatar with 3 weapons, from guns and swords to other really powerful weapons. You'll also have the chance of providing your avatar with a special ability that will give you more resources when battling against your enemies.

Try the S4 League tournaments, another source of enjoyment from the game. In the Touchdown mode you'll have to take the ball to the adversary's end zone. In Team Deathmatch you'll find a fierce battle in which you have to defeat the most possible number of enemies to survive.

Join players from all over the world and group into battle teams; choose your tactic and decide the weapons that will defeat your enemies. Enter the world of action games with our web.

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