Planetside 2

Developer: Splitscreen Studios GmbH

Category: Action

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Join one of the three empires and live the most intense combats next to players from all over the world. Breathtaking graphics and realistic battles are only some of the outstanding features you'll find in this game.

With better features than its predecessor, Planetside 2 is a downloadable game that takes you to the planet Auraxis, where different factions are fighting to take over the absolute control of the planet. In order to survive this constant fight, you'll have to take advantage of what the planet offers you and learn to team up to work .

Choose between one of the three empires that live n this shooter game: the Terran Republic, the New Conglomerate, and the Vanu Sovereignty. Each one of the factions defend different ideals which make them battle to the death against the opponent factions. Create the soldier that better suits your combat style with a detailed skill tree.

Planetside 2 counts with an immense map divided into different continents with dozens of kilometers of land where you'll be able to fight in the most hidden places. Enjoy intense both air and earth battles, and discover the great amount of available vehicles and weapons, which you'll be able to customize at your taste.

Unlike other online games, Planetside 2's battles are much more breathtaking and long, lasting for hours and even weeks. Fight against all kinds of opponents by your own or teamed up, build guilds with other players and live incredible combats to win over the enemy's base, which will be yours... until somebody steals it from you!

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