Pirate Storm

Developer: Bigpoint

Category: Action

Tags: browser games, action, pirates games, MMO, multiplayer, online, Pirate Storm, the


Become a fearful pirate and sail your own ship across the seven seas. Giant sea monsters and great adventures are only a few of the things that are waiting for you in this wonderful trip.

Weigh anchor! The time has come for you to set sail; gather your crew and surf the seas in search of treasures and new adventures. Sea monsters, thieves aboard ships and much more is waiting for you in this action-packed game. Commanding your ship you'll have to decide the course of your journey and find your place in history. In Pirate Storm you'll find unconditional support from your crew, who won't hesitate to follow you wherever you go, whether you take them into fierce battles or in search of treasures.

Once you set sail on the immense map of this online game, you'll find you are not the only one that's surfing those waters; all along the vast ocean all types of creatures are waiting for you; from sea monsters with 8 tentacles to enormous creatures with fangs. You'll come across other ships as well; some of them will be amicable and become your allies, but others will try to steal your treasures from you.

Like other browser games full of action, you'll find many weapons with which you can equip your ship, as both short and long range cannons. Commanding your pirate ship you'll have to design and choose the best combat tactics so that you and your crew can reach victory.

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