Pirate Galaxy

Developer: Splitscreen Studios GmbH

Category: Action

Tags: browser games, action, shooting games, MMO, space, multiplayer, the, x


The human race is in danger. The Mantis, evil creatures from another planet, are trying to destroy the Earth to steal the Cryonite, the most powerful crystal of the universe, from us.

The Cryonite is the most desired object of the universe, and the Mantis, a dangerous race of aliens that will do whatever is within their reach as long as they can mine the precious element. After conquering many planets, the Mantis seem to have run out of resources in their search for the valuable crystal. Now their eyes are set on the Earth and they won't hesitate to use their arsenal to defeat the human race and extract every piece of Cryonite from our planet. To face the danger, humans are preparing a great army with brave soldiers that will fight for the Earth's survival on their powerful ships, defending people from the Mantis menace.

Pirate Galaxy is both an online browser game and a client-based game and it features 2 attractive game genres, the shooter's genre and the pirate's genre.

Explore the Pirate Galaxy universe aboard your spaceship, and enjoy a long journey through a large quantity of planets and available stellar systems. Fight against the Mantis in intense battles full of shots. Gain rewards by defeating enemies and upgrade your spaceship, making it more powerful and resistant.

Form a clan with players from all over the world and compete against other users for the conquer of the universe. With the communication system you'll organize team attacks better.

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