League of Legends

Developer: Riot Games Inc.

Category: Action

Tags: downloadable games, action, fantasy, League of Legends, MMO, multiplayer, LOL, the, war


Take control of your own warrior, solve different missions and confront the most powerful enemies to bring order back to Valoran.

After many years of war and countless battles devastating the land of Valoran, there finally seems to be a solution for constant conflict. In order to get over all the problems of the past, the greatest nations have signed a peace pact and created a warrior academy. The problem is that now the warriors, and not the nations, are the ones that are fighting and reviving the past rivalry between the nations, that caused so many terrible battles.

League of Legends is an action game where you'll be a warrior that has to face all kinds of enemies and fight to become a legend. With the help of incredible powers, your hero will undertake an incredible journey to conquer the fantastic world of Valoran.

First of all you have to create the character with which you'll explore the world of League of Legends. Your character will fight in intense battles and confront the darkest enemies, so you better equip your hero properly with the best weapons. The more victories you achieve, the more opportunities you'll get of strengthening your warrior and improving his skills.

In this browser game there are many warriors to choose from, and each one will count with different advantages and disadvantages, so every one will be different to the rest; some will have more resistance to attacks, while others will move quicker. No matter what your choice is, you'll have to improve your warrior's skills and make the best of them in the battlefield.

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