Developer: KOG Games Inc

Category: Action

Tags: downloadable games, role-playing games, anime , world, Elsword


Choose a character and combat all kinds of opponents like robots, monsters or demons and enjoy great adventures in this colourful world full of incredible anime designs.

The Eldrit stone stores all the energy of the Elsword world, and for many years it was protected by the 8 masters. Now, the precious stone has been divided into several pieces that are hidden al over the map. Turn into a brave hero ready to face every challenge and search for the pieces of Eldrit to reunite them into the old stone of energy.

Based on the popular asiatic animation series Elsword, this is an online MMORPG where you can choose which hero you'll be to cross the wonderful world of the game and combat evil forces creeping from every corner. As you advance you'll find endless detailed characters that will accompany you in this adventure.

There are five types of characters for you to choose in Elsword, and each one counts with different skills and combat techniques that make them different from one another. Therefore, some characters will master arrow fights and others will excel in melee weapons. Train your character and increase your fighting skills with all weapons and become a powerful warrior dreaded in the battlefield.

Complete the quests you'll find in this colourful world and gain great rewards like valuable objects, weapons and special armors.

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