Dino Storm

Developer: Splitscreen Studios GmbH

Category: Action

Tags: browser games, action, dinosaurs, MMO, Wild West, Dino Storm, the, x


Travel to the Wild West and become a treasure hunter next to your dinosaur. Be prepared to face many dangers in your struggle to bring law and order back to the lands of Dinoville.

Dinoville was a peaceful land in the Wild West where not much used to happen. In those times, the sheriffs didn't need much effort to keep the towns in order. But one day enormous deposits of gold were found and rumours didn't take long to spread. When the rumour spread, tons of persons from everywhere and several groups of bandits started heading to Dinoville in search of the precious treasure. Nothing is left from the old DInoville, that has turned into a fierce battlefield where everybody fights against one another.

Travel in time to the fantastic world of Dino Storm, a place where humans meet dinosaurs. In order to stop the bandits that cause chaos and destruction in the town, the sheriff has formed a group of brave rangers that will stand against the villains that are striking fear into people. Each one of these rangers will count with the help of a dinosaur, which they will have to train to fight the forces of evil. Apart from these formidable creatures, you'll count with powerful weaponry like laser guns, that will put your enemies to the test.

Explore the vast map of this online game, where you'll find all types of valuable objects that you can sell in the marketplace for a bunch of Dino dollars.

Take control over different buildings that will report you big amounts of money. Make sure you don't neglect your buildings because thieves will always be looking for an opportunity to steal your gains.

Enhance your fame reputation and climb positions and posts until becoming Dinoville's sheriff.

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