CroNix Online

Developer: Magics Co. Ldt

Category: Action

Tags: Games, pvp , MMO , MOBA , multiplayer , future, graphics , tactics, strategy , classes , characters, levels , skills , apocalypse , maps, game modes , Fighting , battles, groups, dominion , raid, Objects , Reso


CroNix is a free-to-play MOBA set in a futuristic world devastated by numerous wars and natural disasters, which offers players unique battle arenas to test their skills against other opponents.

CroNix is the first online multiplayer strategic action game, which will immerse players into a frenetic post-apocalyptic world in which they will have to fight for their survival.
At the end of the XXI century, after the sudden depletion of fossil fuels, the so called “Energy War” broke out. An uncountable number of countries disappeared off the face of the earth and, after the collision of an asteroid against the moon, a new energy source (the Seeds of Disaster) was created, thus throwing those who were left into a power struggle moved only by greed.
Players will face off against never before seen nuclear weapons, unheard of superpowers, groups of people blinded by greed and many more unpredictable elements within a variety of spectacular battle arenas which nobody had set foot on before.

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