Developer: Exe Games Inc.

Category: Action

Tags: browser games, building, simulation, cities, Brick Force, the


If you used to play for hours with piece construction games when you were a kid, this game is just what you need. Build great towns with tons of buildings brick by brick and be prepared for the amazing battle that this shooter game offers you.

Brick-force is an incredible free online game with a shooter game basis. Unlike other games of the genre, Brick-force offers you an incredible an entertaining adventure, where you'll not only have the chance of practising your strategy skills but your imagination and creativity as a block constructor as well; build your town, share it, and fight against other players in the different environments created.

Enjoy the creative freedom that Brick-force offers you and build your town to your liking. Decide where your brick will go and create impressive maps to play in them with your friends. With the help of the game's tool system you'll be able to create all kinds of buildings and objects. Your imagination is the limit!

But Brick-force doesn't end here; apart from proving your skills as a constructor you must demonstrate how good you are with weapons. Choose to fight in the environments you created or in other player's ones and be prepared to find exciting and intense confrontations, both one-on-one and big pitched battles. Always be prepared to fight because this browser game offers you a great selection of available weapons to buy, as machine guns and all types of guns.

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