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Developer: Electronic Arts Inc.

Category: Action

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Fight with your army and experience moments packed with adrenalin in this version of the famous first person shooter Battlefield, that will introduce you in modern warfare.

Battlefield Play4Free is a free online game based on the famous Battlefield game saga, in which you'll experience incredible adrenalin charged moments in bloody battles in the style of modern warfare. The gameplay options are enormous as well as the diversity and quantity of available weaponry and vehicles.

Explore the vast map in different missions in your struggle for survival while fighting against rival armies in a tank, a warplane or on foot. A good strategy can make the difference when the battle comes, so you'll have to choose the best tactic for each occasion depending on the situation you face. The more skills you learn and the more enemies you defeat, the higher soldier rank you'll achieve until becoming an elite troop. Obtain attractive rewards with each battle you win and gain access to more powerful weapons and better quality items.

There are 4 classes of troops to chose from in Battlefield Play4Free with which you'll be able to face this adventure from different angles, from a medic's to an assault soldier's point of view.

With 16 available vehicles, countless weapons and high quality graphics, Battlefield Play4Free will make you feel like you are in the middle of the battle.


Battlefield Play4Free: Begin to play

Hello gamers if they are planning on playing Battlefield Play4Free, and have no idea where to start, here are some tips that will help.

The choice of character is very important, because a free account only two holes have character, so depending on what you like to do more in the game, I recommend you think twice before choosing a soldier.
If you are more of a soldier Assault action or doctor will suit you, for its speed and its support in fighting lightning.
If you are patient and like to build destructive strategies, an engineer or a sniper will suit you, for its ability to support where support is vital.

Another important point is that if you're just learning to play is recommended to play in the less populated servers, not to earn a bad reputation among your potential allies, and if you want to practice with the use of vehicles, especially flying, sees an empty server star and few planes anytime.

When using a tank or heavy vehicle, be sure to look around often. The assault teams equipped with C4 can kill you even before you know you're dead CCOUNT.

Switch to pistol is faster than reloading, and often also save your life.

Pay close attention to the sounds, they can help you know where your enemy and even with a little experience to know that gun leads!

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