Developer: MasangSoft Inc.

Category: Action

Tags: downloadable games, action, science fiction , AirRivals, h, 3, the, x


Climb aboard of incredible spaceships, fly trough the sky and explore different areas of the Phillon planet. Choose between 3 available types of spaceships and defend the honor of your nation in explosive dog-fights!

AirRivals is an online game that will take you to the planet Phillon. It's breathtaking 3D graphics will make you enjoy different landscapes of this world, from deep valleys to frozen dungeons. You'll also have the chance of exploring deep space, where dangers from other planets are waiting for you.

Take control of your own plane and race at the speed of sound around Phillon. There are several types of spaceships available, each one of them counting with different attributes; some will be quicker, others will have better protection shields or better attacking weapons that will make them stronger in battlefield.

After deciding the faction you want to belong to in this adventure, you'll join the endless battle between two nations, Bygeniou and Arlington, and their armies, where pilots from both nations fight in absorbing air-to-air combats for the honor of their nation.

Create your own squad, recruit up to 30 members, and battle in incredible wars against different AirRivals players from all over the world. Prove you are the best of all in the game rank; climb positions as you gain battles, and you'll become number one.

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