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Get ready to enjoy one of the best co-operative action and free-to-play games you can find nowadays. In Warframe you will be part of a science fiction adventure through the Solar System starring as one of mysterious Tenno warriors.

Warframe has become one of the most successful action games of year 2012. In this game you are a Tenno warrior who wakes up from cryogenic sleep to fight against Grinners, descendants of human beings seeking to extinguish your race. Moreover next race, the Corpus, controls trade of goods and seeks to create their own weapons based on Orokin technology. Technology, which belongs to Tenno warriors and is the origin of famous unbeatable Warframe armors.

As a Tenno soldier, you have to fight in this war to preserve and protect your armor technology. There are 14 Warframe armors, each one with different features that give you unique skills. These jewels of technology were originated in the era Orokin on Earth and are the reason of your bountiful race is in the spotlight of other races in the Solar System.

Grinners are descendants of humans that have spread from Earth to other planets in the system. They are a powerful species because they can clone themselves and create a large number of soldiers. However, they have an outdated technology, so they are seeking to acquire the Orokin tech and get supremacy.

Corpus control trade routes, so they control the entire supply chain all over the system. As traders, they see Orokin technology as a marketing object, so they become your enemies too.

In Warframe you can ally with your friends in cooperative play and you will have plenty of weapons, both for fire and close combat. If you choose the single player mode, the game turns less interesting. In any case, Warframe is a good cooperative game completely free with some articles and features to purchase. However, players that don’t purchase items can get the same improvements that the ones who do it, they just need to spend more time and effort.

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